Hunter Lacey




One of the best and most beautiful parts, in my opinion, of working in the creative community in any city is — the ability to tap into someone else’s brain! Some of the most valuable things I have done for my own business are: a mentor session with a photographer I admire + two workshops. I am already planning to do an online photography business class this year. Investment in yourself is so important when you want to work in a creative field whether you’ve been at it full-time for a while, you’re just starting out, or you’re doing it as a “side hustle.”

The way I conduct a 1.5 hour mentor session:

-we will do a shoot together with a model I will provide

-we will cull and edit the photos together at a coffeeshop near the shooting location

-I will buy you coffee <3

Throughout the shoot and editing process, I will be thinking out loud, so you’ll know the process behind my actions. I will answer any and every question you have from process to posing to camera settings to editing choices to business tactics to social media approaches…etc. etc. etc. Anything you could think up. I’m all yours for this 1.5 hour timespan.

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