Hunter Lacey


Redeemed Women

AH I could say so many wonderful things about this nonprofit. First of all, their founder Chocolate Watson is an unbelievable human being. She has overcome so much adversity and her life is one big crazy story of God redeeming her. Her organization is an overflow of her own experience of God in her life. She wants everyone to experience that redemption, and she happens to live in South Dallas, specifically Bonton area. Unfortunately, that area is ridden with poverty and all the issues that come with it. Dallas doesn’t pay attention to this neighborhood and unfortunately seems to not care all that much about the status of things down there. Leave it to people like Chocolate to turn things around, though. She’s redeeming the lives of women in Bonton, and one way she’s doing it is through therapeutic events like a floral arranging workshop.

Photographing this was so sweet. It was the best event I’ve ever photographed because I was welcomed in as a human being and not just a vendor providing a service. I had meaningful conversations with women there, enjoyed a meal with them, and got to capture the beauty of these ladies and the flowers. Moments like this, I’m like, ‘this is my JOB??’

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