Hunter Lacey


Mercy Street + Dallas Cowboys

Mercy Street is an organization dear to my heart. I hadn’t known about it until last year, but since photographing a Dallas Doing Good story there, I’ve been making every effort I can to get back there as much as possible. I got to photograph this event, and it was SO hot and I was wearing black. Oops. I literally sweated through all my clothes, but I didn’t care at all. I was out there in the blazing sun for 2 hours and I had so much fun watching these kiddos enjoy football.

Mercy Street is a nonprofit organization that serves kids in West Dallas neighborhoods that are largely underserved. It offers a mentorship program for each kid as well as the opportunity to play sports. I have read studies which cite these 2 components as essential to overcoming adversity for kids. Having someone in their corner and having an extracurricular activity. It is so awesome to watch this organization transform lives. I’m so thankful they exist.

The Dallas Cowboys partnered with Mercy Street to open up this new football field. They’ll be able to use it for sports practices and games. It is a beautiful field, and the ceremony + camp to celebrate its opening was a joyous occasion. Actual Dallas Cowboys football players came to teach the camp, and the kids were awestruck. (I would’ve been, too, but I don’t care about football at all. Sorry. Don’t judge me plz.)

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Hunter Folsom