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Little Words Project

The Little Words Project is a jewelry company. I got to do some product work for them, and used my sister Annabelle and her friend (also my friend, but mostly her friend ha) Joy! These two are so easy to photograph because they have fun together, and allow me to step into their goofy friendship to capture it.

I was drawn to this company not only because their products are ethically made, but also because they are trying to accomplish something deep with their jewelry. Each piece is meant to be a source of encouragement for its wearer. If you are feeling lonely, weak, or not enough, you can turn to your Little Words community. Once you get your bracelet, you register your word on the site. There is a map on the site that will show you where everyone else in the country who also has your word lives. Little Words creates a community of encouragement for young women living in a world where we can often feel discouraged by others for just being who we truly are. As cheesy as that may sound, I think it’s a powerful message and it’d probably surprise you how quickly you could turn someone’s day around by naming something unique + beautiful within them and telling them that you love that about them.

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