Hunter Lacey


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


Hello! I'm Hunter, and I'm a writer + photographer living in Dallas TX with my husband Grant and our dog Wilbur. My ultimate goal in my work is to bring awareness to issues within our community and our world. I strive to do most of my photo and writing work for the non-profit sector; however, I love the creative process that comes with making portraits for families + couples as well as businesses + artists. In my spare time, you'll find me reading, eating, watching Wilbur make friends at the dog park, drinking coffee, traveling with Grant, or making an excuse to get to California to see college friends.

I was raised by two people who deeply believe in this: loving all people equally and cherishing those who are different from me. By watching my parents live for the last 24 years, and then watching how so many do not ascribe to this belief, I have become someone who is deeply invested in spreading this message. I want everyone in the world (dreaming big, right?) to see the love and respect I have for each of my subjects, and be encouraged to love and respect their neighbor. Their foreign neighbor. Their refugee neighbor. Their black, white, or brown neighbor. Their less-fortunate neighbor. Their oppressed and marginalized neighbor. Their Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Atheist neighbor.

Going even further, I want to make issues affecting my city and the globe known. So many of us live in ignorance — I am surely ignorant to many issues still today. I want to tell stories that aren’t popular to tell. I want my work to emerge people from their bubbles.

I want to make my subjects — wherever they may lie in our social hierarchy — feel loved and understood.

If you are reading this, and you are an engaged couple or a family or a senior in high school or college, I value your story just as much and want to tell it as well. As a married person and a college graduate myself, I remember how special my engagement was, how bittersweet graduation day was, how thankful I was for both my college and high school experience, how excited I was to marry my husband, how thankful I am to have a little family of my own now. Documenting those seasons, it is so important. And it would be an honor and privilege to do that documenting for you.

Photography has become my deepest joy (other than my family + best friends) these last couple years, and my heart is filled when I snap a beautiful moment of you with your loved ones or the hope of a non-profit’s amazing mission. I feel so blessed and thankful that I have been able to walk into a field that I love fully. Though I struggle as all humans do, I have found a constant joy in picking up my camera.

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